Overcome Insomnia

Rebecca Richmond suffered many unrestful nights or over two decades, which she believes was caused initially by the immense stress she felt her life placed on her. Eventually, the lack of a good night’s sleep, combined with the stress, affected her health. First, she developed a debilitating condition, which exaggerated her inability to sleep, and then was affected by life-threatening ones.

Now, sleeping soundly every night is something she both expects and enjoys. Having transformed her own sleep patterns and life, she shares her method with you in this comprehensive guide.

Rebecca’s Story:

sleeping_on_park_bench_8356Despite feeling exhausted and as though I could sleep on a park bench I often struggled to get to sleep, particularly if I had something on my mind and was worrying about or overanalysing things. If I was fortunate enough to fall asleep quickly, I never went into a deep sleep and would wake frequently. Either way, the result was the same: I was never fully rested, I felt terrible and I could not function properly. Eventually, I was forced to give up my career and I struggled for many years to do normal activities such as walking upstairs, shopping or housework.

Although I can certainly understand the temptation to turn to medication to help you sleep and woman_drinking_giant_coffe_cup_400_clr_8006caffeine-based stimulants to keep you alert during the day, for me this was never going to be the answer. I knew I had to deal with the way I reacted to life’s challenges if I was going to be able to sleep well no matter what was happening.

My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is a guidebook to my personal techniques that I used to get better sleep and to improve my health and life overall.

This book is for people who understand or who are open to the idea that our minds can have an effect on our well-being. Therefore, much of the information relates to changing the way you think, behave and react to challenges in life and the way you live your life in general, so that your mind and body are in the best possible state to achieve restful sleep. My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is about gaining empowerment, by taking responsibility and control.

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Praise for My Guide: Overcome Insomnia:

“There are plenty of books that address insomnia on the market already, but none hold the specific focus and discussions of My Guide: Overcome Insomnia. […] What you are seeing is a talent for drawing disparate studies and approaches together under one cover […]. From time management and flexibility to creating better self-esteem, My Guide: Overcome Insomnia includes considerations most books on the topic typically omit. It goes beyond theory to offer concrete routines readers can easily use to change belief systems and circumvent the habit of insomnia. […] And it’s very specific, step-by-step tips also set My Guide: Overcome Insomnia apart from competitors that offer theory and only a few approaches to actually curing insomnia. Here, it’s all part of the ‘bigger picture’ which strives for overall better emotional health as a strategy for ultimately busting the habits and effects of insomnia. Given this well-rounded and wider-ranging approach, it’s a pleasure to highly recommend My Guide: Overcome Insomnia to any who suffer from regular insomnia and would consider a program to overcome it. To successfully consider this approach, one must be open to emotional change and techniques such as visualization and meditation. Those with such an interest will find My Guide: Overcome Insomnia embraces many techniques others bypass, and will find it a positive and authoritative guide.”

D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR

“How to take charge of your sleep. There are many options to help people return to a more regular sleep schedule and this guide shows that there may not be a single solution. The author shows that what we do during the day is just as important as what we do when we lie down at night. Rebecca Richmond speaks from her own experience and describes how stress and negative emotions influence the quality of life, thereby causing insomnia. This guide offers tips to reduce worrying and pace yourself, in addition to how to build true confidence and self-esteem. After reading Rebecca Richmond’s guide, readers will understand how important it is to believe in ourselves and how easy it is to overcome insomnia. Having read Rebecca Richmond’s book, it is obvious that insomnia is connected to stress and her advice will help readers to calm their mind and body, so they can rest and build healthy sleeping habits. My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is not only a book about insomnia, but also a coaching guide for NLP and a healthy lifestyle.”

Madi Preda, AuthorsPR

5star-shiny-web“[…] In this guide, the author speaks extensively about insomnia and how one can overcome this condition. Lack of proper sleep can lead to a lot of emotional and physical upheavals in your life and body. Poor concentration, depression, anxiety, irritability, and much more can be found in those suffering from insomnia. The author has devised techniques to overcome this from her own personal experiences which makes it more tangible. This book can be used as a guide for those trying to find a solution to their insomnia, and by therapists and trainers working with these people. […] I found the book very useful to the extent it is worth owning a copy. The Mindfulness Meditation given by the author is very useful and it really works. I would recommend readers to try it out. […] A lot of useful tips to put your life back on a healthy track.”

Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite (5.0 stars)

Cover Overcome insomnia front5star-shiny-webMy Guide: Overcome Insomnia is a coping tool written by Rebecca Richmond as she searched for her own medical relief. Insomnia is suffered by a large percentage of people who must continue to go about their days (when possible) regardless. […] There are ways to go about things, though, that will help your body get the rest it needs and thus your brain will become more active, your body will feel rested, and your overall sense of wellness will change for the better. In this book, the author shares her techniques and insights with readers. And, although not everything works for everyone, these are the things that worked – and are working! – for her. […] Rebecca Richmond has given much-needed insight in her book, My Guide: Overcome Insomnia. Some of the tips were things I already use (or at least knew about) but there was also great, new information that I have already began to practice. I cannot wait to have a week’s worth of solid sleep! This is a wonderful book for any library, medical clinic, or training class. I would go as far as to say that parents should read this and observe for signs of insomnia in their own children so it can be cured before becoming a big problem. I am sorry you had to go through the pain to come up with the contents of this book … but what you have done will help many people.”

Brenda Ballard, Readers’ Favorite (5.0 stars)

5star-shiny-web“The clock inches forward but restful sleep is just out of reach. Insomnia is a fact of life for so many people and it doesn’t just make you feel tired. It can be emotionally and physically debilitating. Rebecca Richmond has experienced the devastating effects of wakeful nights and she pours out what she has learned in My Guide: Overcome Insomnia. […] Rebecca adds her heroic personal story to illuminate the issue. She battles fibromyalgia […] [and] overcomes huge obstacles with her diagnosis of cancer and serious infection. […] As she struggles, she discovers many treatments that focus on the mind-body connection. Emotional and behavioral strategies begin to pay off. Rebecca Richmond reveals what she has learned so that we may all find victory. Not all emotional and physical hurts can be healed, but a good night’s sleep gives us a fighting chance. I am impressed by the volume of helpful information in this resource guide and memoir. There are detailed explanations of treatments, a glossary, an index, and pertinent quotes for wit and wisdom. My Guide: Overcome Insomnia by Rebecca Richmond is an intelligent and thorough guide to better sleep and brighter mornings.”

Jean Hall, Readers’ Favorite (5.0 stars)

5star-shiny-webMy Guide: Overcome Insomnia by Rebecca Richmond is a self-help guide written by a former insomnia sufferer for people whose lives are currently affected by this condition. […] My Guide: Overcome Insomnia by Rebecca Richmond is enjoyable to read, giving insomnia sufferers valuable information, from possible causes to finding solutions from the author’s personal experience. The book starts with the author’s story which makes it relatable from the very beginning. […] The fact that it is all compiled in this book makes reading and assimilating the information much easier. I particularly liked the chapter in which the author explains how our mind and emotions can perceive an external event in different ways, according to our values, thoughts, state of mind, etc. This is a valuable life lesson in general, not just in the context of insomnia, and the same goes for the content of the whole book. Very enjoyable book.”

Teodora Totorean, Readers’ Review (5.0 stars)

Cover Overcome insomnia front“[...] My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is a practical self-help book with easy techniques that will get you those much-needed eight hours of sleep. By starting off the book with a touching and detailed personal story, Rebecca Richmond gives you the comfort that she has been there and that her advice comes from a personal and practical viewpoint; this clearly comes out throughout the entire book. The book systematically builds up the journey to fighting insomnia by taking you from the basics and helping you understand sleep and its importance and insomnia, its causes, and how to overcome them. It covers the entire sleeping cycle, from the time you wake up, how and when you go to bed, to when and how you wake up again and everything that happens in between.”

Faridah Nassozi, Readers’ Favorite (4.0 stars)

“Change your approach, restore sleep. At the end of this engaging book, the author says: ‘You may have been surprised by how much of this guide to getting better sleep focuses on emotional and behavioural factors, and that many of the techniques I have shared with you help you deal with stress and other negative emotions. This is because I believe that in most cases insomnia is caused by secondary factors. By dealing with these you will get the double benefit of better sleep, in addition to improvements in every area of your life.’ For me, this paragraph sums the book up – Rebecca Richmond’s guide helps the reader to address numerous underlying factors which are likely leading to insomniac tendencies. It offers anecdotes, analogies, tips, techniques, and suggestions to restore a holistic balance, and to help release the issues which prevent sleep – and happiness in general. Well worth a read, even if you don’t have insomnia!”

Joanna Gawn, Amazon review (4.0 stars)