Overcome Insomnia

Richmond suffered many unrestful nights or over two decades, which she believes was caused initially by the immense stress she felt her life placed on her. Eventually, the lack of a good night’s sleep, combined with the stress, affected her health. First, she developed a debilitating condition, which exaggerated her inability to sleep, and then was affected by life-threatening ones.

Now, sleeping soundly every night is something she both expects and enjoys. Having transformed her own sleep patterns and life, she shares her method with you in this comprehensive guide.

Rebecca’s Story:

sleeping_on_park_bench_8356Despite feeling exhausted and as though I could sleep on a park bench I often struggled to get to sleep, particularly if I had something on my mind and was worrying about or overanalysing things. If I was fortunate enough to fall asleep quickly, I never went into a deep sleep and would wake frequently. Either way, the result was the same: I was never fully rested, I felt terrible and I could not function properly. Eventually, I was forced to give up my career and I struggled for many years to do normal activities such as walking upstairs, shopping or housework.

Although I can certainly understand the temptation to turn to medication to help you sleep and woman_drinking_giant_coffe_cup_400_clr_8006caffeine-based stimulants to keep you alert during the day, for me this was never going to be the answer. I knew I had to deal with the way I reacted to life’s challenges if I was going to be able to sleep well no matter what was happening.

My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is a guidebook to my personal techniques that I used to get better sleep and to improve my health and life overall.

This book is for people who understand or who are open to the idea that our minds can have an effect on our well-being. Therefore, much of the information relates to changing the way you think, behave and react to challenges in life and the way you live your life in general, so that your mind and body are in the best possible state to achieve restful sleep. My Guide: Overcome Insomnia is about gaining empowerment, by taking responsibility and control.

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